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Nov 16, 2005 • Category: Site Updates3 Comments

As you will probably have noticed the Gallery has been taken down a couple of times in the last week. This is because we’ve received emails about copyrighted photos and we’ve had to remove them. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this, so the gallery has gone down in size a little bit. And we apologise for the Gallery being down. However, as Sienna attended the Casanova premiere on Sunday night we’ve added a bunch of pictures from that. And I’ll probably add links to an ET video from the red carpet + the full Casanova trailer to our Videos page soon too :smile:

Comment by Kimberly on Nov. 19, 2005

Thank you Jess. 😉

Comment by beeb on Nov. 23, 2005

link to an old photo i don't thnk is in your gallery http://www.vogue.co.uk/street_chic/Fashion_Week_-_Feb_2002/Inside.asp?PID=3

Comment by TheSixties on Nov. 29, 2005

Great! I was so worried it was gone when it didnt show. :sad: But I am soo happy its back!! :laughing: Is there a chance we could get some more candids? I really like them :smile: Thanks! Ps-For the Sienna Style a good website is Fredflare and Urban Outfitters. Fredflare had Jackie-O sunglasses, just like Siennas! :)

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