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Archive for March, 2010

Mar 30, 2010 • Category: Gallery Updates0 Comments

Sienna was spotted house hunting with Jude Law and one of her dogs in London yesterday, and photos have been added to the Gallery. I admit I was quite reluctant to post these, knowing how much they both seem to hate the paparazzi, especially when they’re together. It just feels a bit disrespectful. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this by posting a comment … 😉 And while I remember, a big thanks goes to Green for help with some videos! 

London, March 29th x8

The Razzies might not have liked Sienna in G.I. Joe, but the MTV Movie Awards certainly do! Sienna is nominated in no less than 4 categories this year! Congrats to Sienna!

Best KissVOTE!
Sienna Miller & Channing Tatum – ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’

Best FightVOTE!
Sienna Miller vs. Rachel Nichols – ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’

Best VillainVOTE!
Sienna Miller – ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’

Best Ass Kicking StarVOTE!
Sienna Miller

Best MovieVOTE!
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Confusingly, this is only a nomination for a nomination, in that you have to vote now and those with the most votes will go on to be the final five main nominees in each category. Make sense?! And because of that, you can also still nominate her in other categories. Either way, vote vote vote!!

Mar 28, 2010 • Category: Charity Work0 Comments

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, KYLIE MINOGUE and SIENNA MILLER drape sheets around their bare bods for a sizzling new charity campaign.

The girls are spearheading the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010 initiative, which aims to raise money and awareness of the killer disease.

German catwalk queen Claudia proves she’s lost none of her prowess in the art of striking pulse-quickening poses, lifting a hand seductively to her head.

Actress Sienna also raises temperatures with plenty of unclothed back on show for UK charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s drive.

Aussie pop babe Kylie is on typically fine form, flashing that winning smile of hers amid a forest of tousled locks.

The campaign will be particularly close to the Spinning Around singer’s heart, following her own battle with breast cancer in 2005.

During her ordeal, Kylie was praised for her help in raising awareness of the illness by regularly issuing updates on her treatment and diagnosis.

– Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign is launched tomorrow, and you can view the official site at www.fashiontargetsbreastcancer.org.uk

Mar 26, 2010 • Category: Charity Work, International Medical Corps0 Comments

Sienna Miller has revealed how she was affected by a visit to Haiti, which she says was “like a horror film”.

The Alfie actress, who is ambassador for the International Medical Corps, visited the earthquake-ravaged country to raise awareness of the ongoing need for aid there.

She told GMTV: “It looks like something out of a film set or a horror film, or something worse. Enormous buildings look like sandwiches piled on top of each other, and you know that amongst the rubble, there are still bodies that will never be recovered.”

Sienna fears for the homeless victims, who are at risk of being ‘washed away’ when the hurricane season starts.

“Now the problems are really beginning and the monsoons are coming and the hurricanes are coming – and these people are more vulnerable than ever,” she explained.

“I think over a million people are living in tents. Obviously everyone’s houses have basically been destroyed. So when the monsoons come and the hurricanes come – and they will come – these people could very easily be washed away. So this is why we are trying to move camps in vulnerable areas and try and rebuild this place, which is such a beautiful country.”

Mar 26, 2010 • Category: Charity Work, International Medical Corps, Videos0 Comments

Sienna appeared live on GMTV today to talk about her recent trip to Haiti

Mar 26, 2010 • Category: Gallery Updates0 Comments

Sienna has been photographed out in London the past few days – yesterday she was out with one of her dogs, and today she was seen leaving the GMTV studios (make sure you see the post below this one for the video of that interview). Photos have been added to the Gallery for you. I love the candids from today because she looks so happy and sweet!

London, March 25th x7
London, March 26th x11

Mar 25, 2010 • Category: Camille, Gallery Updates0 Comments

I’ve added 37 fantastic new stills from Sienna’s 2007/2009 (still not sure when it was officially released!) movie Camille! After 4 1/2 years of waiting for and supporting this movie, I still haven’t had the chance to see it LOL – I’m still hoping it will one day get released on DVD here in the UK. If anyone has seen this movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. But anyway, alongside those new stills are a few screencaps from the movie’s official site.

And a few days ago I added more photos from last years photoshoot for Nylon.

Camille > Stills x37 more
Camille > Official Site Screencaptures x5
2009 – Session #002 x7

Mar 24, 2010 • Category: Charity Work, International Medical Corps0 Comments

Sienna has written a blog about her current visit to Haiti for the International Medical Corps blog. Thanks to IMC for alerting me to this.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
A Plea for Haiti
By Sienna Miller
Global Ambassador, International Medical Corps

I came to Haiti as an ambassador for the International Medical Corps, an organization that I have been working with for over a year. Their teams arrived 22 hours after the devastating earthquake of 12th January and have been a powerful and leading medical presence ever since.

International Medical Corps: A Plea for Haiti I arrived in the Dominican Republic from London on the night of March 18th, and met up with my friends Margaret Aguirre from International Medical Corps, and David Serota, a talented filmmaker who has come to document the long-term health care needs that lie ahead for Haiti.

We flew the following morning to Port-au-Prince and were met in the chaos by Andy Gleadle, our operations director, (the kind of ‘man mountain’ that you hope to be around in disaster zones like this one) and were briefed on the security issues we potentially faced. For starters, the local jail was destroyed in the quake, and as a result, 5,000 prisoners are free and roaming the streets. There were serious security problems in Haiti before the earthquake, but of course everything has now intensified. Three NGO workers were kidnapped the previous week, so Andy told us what to expect and how we would be protected (a two-car convoy at all times, watchmen by the tents etc). Afterward we drove to the guesthouse to meet the team, drop our bags and then head out to start the day.

Our first stop was St Louis, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, to visit Dr. Joseline Marhone. I sat with her in the shade of a tree, her patients surrounding us on beds in tents nearby, and asked her to share her experiences with us. Her house was destroyed in the quake, but thankfully she and her son were in the basement at the time and survived. Her two cousins upstairs did not survive. I found it so difficult to ask the questions that I suspected would be hard for her to answer. Journalism of this sort does not come naturally to me, but she explained that it helped her to talk about it. So she speaks, with a resilience and strength far superior to mine upon hearing her. She was the director of nutrition for the Ministry of Health in Haiti. The nursing school where she taught collapsed, killing every one of her students. She told us that she had found that the best thing for her to deal with her enormous pain was to keep busy and carry on doing what she does so well. To date, on the grounds of the ruined church where she once worshipped, she has treated over 4,000 people. International Medical Corps has provided her with the medical supplies and volunteers that she needs in order to do this. She is so beautiful and open, walking around with a smile that melts, wearing the same long blue cotton skirt that she was wearing on January 12th when the earthquake struck.

My role here as ambassador is simple: we need to raise awareness of the road ahead for Haiti – and raise a significant amount of new funding through appeals to the public. Most people just don’t realize that the problems Haiti faces are really only beginning. This country was in desperate need before the earthquake hit. The problems they are now facing are tenfold. The onset of the rainy season, which is imminent, means that the temporary camps that are housing hundreds of thousands of people will be washed away. Water-borne diseases will be rife, nutritional needs will become even more prevalent and there is inevitably a massive increase in sexual and gender-based violence within the camps. Donors have been incredibly generous, but as always, much, much more is needed.


Mar 23, 2010 • Category: Charity Work, International Medical Corps0 Comments

It appears that Sienna is currently in Haiti, working with International Medical Corps and helping with aid work following the January earthquake. Sienna is a Global Ambassador for International Medical Corps.

The IMC blog posted these new pictures of her in Haiti yesterday:

Sienna in Haiti
Sienna talking with Francois, who lost his home and broke both legs in the earthquake. He has been living at a clinic built out of the rubble of St. Louis Church, a clinic that International Medical Corps supports in Port-au-Prince.

Sienna in Haiti
Sienna speaking with May, one of our International Medical Corps volunteer nurses from Columbia University at St. Louis.

Sienna in Haiti
Sienna Miller with Dr. Joseline Marhone, who started the clinic in the ruins of St. Louis Church on January 13, after losing her home and two of her family members in the earthquake.

Mar 23, 2010 • Category: Charity Work0 Comments

Evening Star Save the Blue Cross campaign Hollywood actress Sienna Miller is the latest celebrity to back the Evening Star Save the Blue Cross campaign as the stars continue to come out for the treasured animal shelter.

The 28-year-old star of films such as The Edge of Love and GI Joe, has sent a generous message of support as well as posing with one of the campaign posters.

Miss Miller, who is also a model and a fashion designer, has also been joined in the condemnation of the Blue Cross proposals to close the rescue centre in Walton High Street, Felixstowe, by ever-popular singer Des O’Connor – who is due to perform at the Spa Pavilion next month – and former Home and Away actor Bryan Wiseman.

A spokeswoman for the campaign said: “We had had some lovely words of encouragement from Sienna.

“We have been thrilled with the way celebrities have been supporting us in the campaign and we are hoping others will join us over the next few weeks.

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