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Dec 22, 2012 • Category: Alert, Gallery Updates, The Girl3 Comments

As posted about a few days ago, Sienna will be appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show Christmas Special, which airs tonight in the UK on ITV1 at 9pm. Photos from the taping of the show have just been released, and the show looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!! I love Sienna’s dress, and it’s nice to see her reunited with her Flare Path co-star Sheridan Smith too. Check out these pics in our Gallery, and be sure to switch onto/record ITV1 to watch the episode tonight.

The Jonathan Ross Show – Christmas Special 2012 (Stills) x29

Dec 18, 2012 • Category: Alert, The Girl1 Comment

Catch Sienna on the Jonathan Ross Show this Saturday – December 22nd – at 9pm! She is one of several celebrities to be featured on the Christmas special of the show. It is sure to be a very funny interview, so tune in/record if you can.

I will be on the lookout afterwards for a video of the interview to post here…

Nov 30, 2012 • Category: Alert, Gallery Updates, Videos0 Comments

Sienna is looking ethereal on the cover of the new January 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK! The 60’s looking photoshoot inside is accompanied by a new interview in which Sienna talks about motherhood, amongst other things.

Within this post are some released quotes from the interview, a behind the scenes video from the photoshoot, and Harper’s Bazaar’s article announcing the issue. And in the Gallery you can find the cover and first two photoshoot pictures. We’ll have scans asap!

“It’s still the most surreal thing, that you can create, that I grew this life inside my stomach, her eyeballs, everything – every little fibre. And I’d expected that she’d be this extension of me and I’d instantly understand who she was because she’d come from me, and then you realise that they are their own people entirely. Very connected to you, of course. But they’re their own person.”

“It’s just been the three of us, which was amazing, and exhausting. We are going to get a nanny, but it felt important to first learn for myself who I was as a parent.”

“It’s the best, the greatest thing in the world… I would do that day a million times again. I would do that day, every day. I loved it. [My body is] not mine – all the attachment to its flaws or any aesthetic attachment is gone. You understand what breasts are for; and I have such enormous respect for my body because of what it can do.”

The magazine hits news-stands on Monday.

Aug 18, 2012 • Category: Alert1 Comment

Just a heads-up on a couple of magazines I have read Sienna is featured in this month:

– Glamour (UK) (Dannii Minogue cover)
– Harper’s Bazaar (UK) (Keira Knightley cover)

If anyone can provide us with scans from these magazines then please get in touch! We’d love to be able to share them with everybody :)

Aug 15, 2012 • Category: Alert, The Girl0 Comments

Sienna Miller says her latest movie character was an “extraordinarily strong woman”.

The British star plays actress Tippi Hedren in a new BBC TV movie, The Girl. The film focuses on how legendary director Alfred Hitchcock tried to control Tippi during the making of classic movie The Birds. Sienna is fascinated by the role and is full of admiration for Tippi.

“Hitchcock wanted to control every aspect of her life to the extent that he even had her followed when she was away from the set,” Sienna told the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour. “But she never gave into his advances. She is an extraordinarily strong woman.

“Hitchcock inflicted great psychological damage on Tippi during the making of The Birds. For instance, before the famous final sequence in the attic, where Tippi is attacked by a flock of gulls, he never told her they were going to be live birds. She was traumatised.”

Sienna studied some of Tippi’s movies to prepare for the role. She soon learnt how to master the star’s famous mannerisms.

“She had such a delicate face and such subtle facial expressions. In particular, she had a really sweet smile,” Sienna explained. “Just doing little things with your face helps to transform you into the character.”

Mar 7, 2012 • Category: Alert, Gallery Updates, Personal0 Comments

The first photos and quotes from Sienna’s new UK Vogue cover spread have been released, ahead of it hitting news stands on Monday. The photoshoot is stunning – I love the colours, the flowers and the birds. Check out the coverage so far at vogue.co.uk using the links below, and various articles with quotes from the interview further down this post.

» About the new April Vogue
» Vogue.co.uk Gallery – See what’s inside the latest issue
» See a preview of inside the magazine
» How Sienna’s cover hairstyle was put together

Mar 3, 2012 • Category: Alert, Gallery Updates0 Comments

Sienna graces the cover of the April issue of UK Vogue, wearing a unique Stella McCartney gown and giving us a casual smile. It will be an interesting interview, as it will be her first one since becoming pregnant. Same goes for the photoshoot. Check out a preview of the cover below, and be sure I will be on the lookout for more from the photoshoot and interview to post here asap!

It’s great to see Sienna back on the cover of Vogue – they really love her! What do you think of this cover?

May 15, 2011 • Category: Alert, Career, Stage, Style, Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Miller sisters couldn’t be closer

SIENNA Miller is bouncing off the walls with excitement. The reviews are out for Flare Path, her new play on London’s West End.

And for perhaps the first time in her career, the 29-year-old has been given rave write-ups across the board in what critics universally consider to be a five-star production.

“It’s a wonderful feeling – and a new one for me – to be in something that’s well-reviewed,” she says, her blue eyes welling up.

Her family was there in force last night. “The theatre was full of people whooping and cheering,” says the actor’s older sister, Savannah, 32. “It’s nice that the world is finally seeing my sister the way I do.”

The Millers don’t normally read Sienna’s press if they can avoid it (“We have a ‘no Google’ policy,” explains Sienna), but today they’ve made an exception. This morning, her publicist called with the good news and was permitted to read her a few lines. “I’d said to everyone, ‘I don’t want to know.’ I wasn’t expecting great reviews.” says Sienna.

“I just don’t read things. If you believe the good, you have to believe the bad, and I’d rather not give any belief to anything.”

Mar 2, 2011 • Category: Alert, Flare Path0 Comments

Updates have been a bit slow here for the last few days – sorry! I’ll be starting to catch up on new things tomorrow. For now though, here’s some great news:

Sienna is on the cover of the new March 3rd issue of London’s Time Out magazine! This will be to promote Flare Path, which opens for previews on Friday (?). The cover of the magazine shows a stunning new photo of Sienna, and there are probably more new pics inside, along with a new interview. The website tells the following about the interview:

Sienna Miller – Exclusive on her split with Jude, the rumours about her co-star – and her run-ins with the tabloid press

If anyone can provide Sienna Online with scans from this issue then please get in touch!! I’d LOVE to read the full interview and share the scans with all our visitors here!

Feb 10, 2011 • Category: Alert, Charity Work, Gallery Updates1 Comment

Thanks to the wonderful Lorna, we have a scan from the March issue of Glamour (UK) magazine, which has a short feature on the Comic Relief campaign and t-shirts Sienna is modelling for. It features two brand new photos from the shoot, and Sienna looks fabulous!

Make sure you pick up a copy of Glamour UK if you can!

Glamour (UK) – March 2011 x1