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Oct 21, 2012 • Category: Just Like A Woman, Videos0 Comments

Big thanks goes to our visitor Matilda for pointing out the first trailer for Just Like A Woman! The 4 minute extended trailer preview was posted online yesterday, and gives us an interesting look into the Rachid Bouchareb directed film. Watch it below:

Oct 19, 2012 • Category: Gallery Updates, Just Like A Woman0 Comments

A new still from Sienna’s upcoming belly-dancing film Just Like A Woman has recently surfaced online – find it in our Gallery!

Mar 12, 2012 • Category: Career, Just Like A Woman, The Girl, Yellow0 Comments

Sienna Miller fears she got “swept up” in Hollywood at the beginning of her career.

The star’s big break came when she appeared in 2004’s Layer Cake, and she went on to feature in movies including Factory Girl, The Edge of Love and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Sienna isn’t entirely happy with all the career choices she has made. She worries she didn’t think long term when she first became famous and is pleased she took some time out to reassess her life.

“It’s a weird industry, Hollywood. You have all these people pushing you in all sorts of directions and I think, for a while, I got swept up in trying to play this game. So I didn’t work for a bit, which was really nice, and I was lucky to be able to afford not to have to,” she explained to the British edition of Vogue magazine.

“And since then I’ve made a film with Nick Cassavetes, where I play someone with Tourette’s, and I made a film with Rachid Bouchareb about belly dancing, with a crew of nine of us – stealing locations and getting chased out of places and shooting without permits, complete guerrilla filming. I’ve no idea how it will turn out, but I did it for the experience, and to work with someone I really admire.”

Sienna has been shooting The Girl recently, which is a TV movie about director Alfred Hitchcock and actress Tippi Hendren. She portrays the lead character in Alfred’s 1963 movie The Birds, with the director seeing her as his muse.

Sienna plays Tippi in The Girl, and has been shooting scenes while pregnant with her first child.

“I’ve no idea what I’ve done in terms of this film,” she laughed. “I was working 15 to 16 hour days, with an eight-hour turnaround, which is just knackering. But then again, it’s not as bad as poor Toby [Jones, who stars as Hitchcock]. He’s got that, plus four hours of prosthetics every morning and then an hour to take it off at the end of each day.”

Feb 11, 2012 • Category: Just Like A Woman0 Comments

Doc & Film travels with The Minister, A Woman

Paris-based Doc & Film is reporting brisk sales on several of its EFM titles.

The Minister (which received 11 Cesar nominations) has sold to Australia and New Zealand (Aztec), Poland (Against Gravity) and Sweden (Njuta Fims). Oher territories are under negotiation, among them Germany, Italy & Finland.

Meanwhile, the company has confirmed a number of deals on Rachid Bouchareb’s Just Like A Woman. The film, starring Sienna Miller and Roschdy Zem, has gone to Artificial Eye in the UK, Madman in Australia, MInerva in Italy, Golem in Spain, Strada in Greece, MCF in ex-Yugoslavia, Imovision in Brazil and Swallow Wings in Taiwan.

The film is produced by Taghit LLC , Cohen Media Group, 3B Productions, Arte France , the Bureau UK, Doha Film Institute, Tassili Films and Minerva Pictures Group.Its first marketing screening (for buyers only) is on Saturday. The road movie will surface first in France on French TV but is also likely to have some festival play.


Jan 25, 2012 • Category: Gallery Updates, Just Like A Woman2 Comments

FilmOFilia.com have posted a new still of Sienna from Just Like A Woman, showing her and co-star Golshifteh Farahani cleaning a window. Check it out in our Gallery:

Jan 22, 2012 • Category: Just Like A Woman0 Comments

This isn’t so much news, but a brief mention of Just Like A Woman in an article about Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani who co-stars in the movie. Read the bit about the movie below, and click the link at the bottom for the full article.

She’ll be a part of a new movie called “Just Like a Woman” scheduled for release in 2012. The upcoming movie will star Sienna Miller as she leaves her husband and goes into the competitive world of belly dancing. Farahani’s character leaves a bad marriage to join her, as “they dance their way across America.”

The new pictures show one scene where it appears Farahani is working to clean windows, while Sienna’s character is there talking with her. The other picture has the sexy Sienna Miller sporting her belly dancing garb. This film will release sometime in spring 2012, with acclaimed director Rachid Bouchareb as its director. Bouchareb has been nominated for three Oscars for Best Foreign Film during his time as a director. It’s possible that this movie could really help propel Farahani and Miller as well.


Sep 28, 2011 • Category: Gallery Updates, Just Like A Woman0 Comments

Entertainment Weekly featured the first look at Sienna in Just Like A Woman in a recent issue, and comingsoon.net have thankfully posted a scan from it online! It features the first photo from the film, plus a bit of blurb about the plot and a quote from Sienna.

The actress dons a brunet wig (and some sparkly tassels) for Just Like a Woman (out in spring 2012), in which her character ditches her husband to join the world of competitive belly dancing. ”The story [follows] her and a Muslim woman who also leaves a bad marriage, and they dance their way across America,” says Miller. ”It’s a bit like Thelma & Louise.” After three months of training, she has become at least somewhat proficient. ”I can semi–belly dance now. Just in case everything doesn’t go as planned with this acting thing!”

I’ve added the scan courtesey of ComingSoon.net to our Gallery, alongside the still itself in good (ie non-scan) quality.

What are your thoughts on this movie now? Are you excited for it?

Entertainment Weekly – September 23rd 2011 x1
Just Like A Woman > Stills x1

Aug 24, 2011 • Category: Films, Just Like A Woman0 Comments

French-Algerian filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb has lined up a trio of English-language films with Arabic sensibilities, including pics toplined by Forest Whitaker and Sienna Miller.

Bouchareb, whose “Outside the Law” was nominated for the foreign-language Oscar last year, will produce the three films with partner Jean Brehat through their American company Taghit, which was formed in 1999.

First pic will be the American production “Just Like a Woman,” which will star Miller and Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (“Body of Lies”) as two women from different backgrounds who embark on a journey of self-discovery after escaping from broken marriages. Miller’s character pursues a passion for belly-dancing after catching her husband cheating, while Farahani plays an Arab immigrant to Chicago who works at a supermarket and is berated by her mother-in-law for not having produced any children.

Charles Cohen (“Frozen River”) is also producing “Woman.”

The second film will be “Belleville’s Cop,” which Bouchareb co-wrote with Larry Gross (“48 Hrs.”). Pic, which will begin filming in late summer 2012, is a fish-out-of-water comedy about a French-Arabic cop sent to work alongside a LAPD policewoman.

Whitaker is attached to star in the untitled third pic, which is set in Arizona along the Mexican border. He will play a Muslim parolee released from prison after a 10-year stint who takes up residence in a small city full of paranoia about outsiders. Story focuses on his relationship with his parole officer and the town’s sheriff, who’s convinced that terrorists are crossing the border along with illegal immigrants. Production is skedded for 2013.

Cinema Libre Studio will release Bouchareb’s “London River” later this year. Set in 2005 London, pic stars Brenda Blethyn and Sotigui Kouyate as strangers in search of their children, missing since the underground terrorist bombings.

– variety.com

And according to ScreenDaily.com, Just Like A Woman has started shooting:

Filming is underway on the first film Just Like A Woman starring Sienna Miller and Iranian actress Golshifteh as disillusioned wives who meet after fleeing their marriages.

Apr 2, 2011 • Category: Just Like A Woman3 Comments

Sienna Miller is anxious about belly dancing in Just Like a Woman because she isn’t co-ordinated.

Sienna will portray the female lead in the drama set for release next year, which tells the story of a Chicago housewife who runs away to Las Vegas to enter a belly dancing competition.

The talented actress is looking forward to shooting the movie, although admits she is nervous about mastering complex dance moves.

“Yes, it will be interesting. I’m not the most co-ordinated person but we’ll see,” she told the British edition of OK! magazine.

The stunning actress is famed for her slender figure, and admits the prospect of gaining weight doesn’t fill her with joy. That said, she understands there are variations of the dance genre which don’t require such a large stomach. Sienna fears her movie producers want to give her a traditionally large midriff though.

“There is a certain type of belly dancing where you don’t need a belly, although I read they’re looking forward to putting one on!” she added.

Rachel Nichols has confirmed that neither she nor Sienna will be returning for the G.I. Joe sequel. Neither will several of the other cast members from the original, including Joseph Gordon Levitt and Dennis Quaid.

Sounds like Sienna has a very busy year anyway, with filming for Just Like a Woman starting soon after Flare Path finishes, and then potentially another play in September!

GI JOE 2 News Flash: The only characters to return in the JON CHU directed sequel will be SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, and DUKE…