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May 7, 2013 • Category: Gossip, Personal0 Comments

Sienna Miller attends Keira Knightley’s wedding

Sienna Miller was one of the few celebrity guests at Keira Knightley’s low-key wedding.

The 31-year-old blonde actress jetted from New York to Mazan in the South of France for less than 48 hours to watch her Edge of Love co-star “shed tears of happiness” as she tied the knot with The Klaxons keyboardist James Righton in front of just 11 guests on Saturday.

The mother-of-one was spotted leaving the leaving the Chateau Mazan where the married couple and wedding party were staying on Sunday morning and returning to the airport to fly back home to her fiancé Tom Sturridge and their 10-month-old daughter Marlowe in New York.

‘Close friends’

Sienna previously revealed that she and Keira have remained close friends after bonding on the set of the film in 2008 and called the 28-year-old Anna Karenina actress a “timeless movie star”.

Keira and James exchanged vows shortly before midday at the town hall in Mazan, 67 miles from Marseilles, before speeding back to her family’s nearby $5m vineyard for their reception in a silver Renault Clio.

The actress wore a short strapless dress, reportedly the same Rodarte creation that she wore to a pre-BAFTA event in 2008, pale pink ballet flats, a cropped Chanel jacket and a delicate floral garland around her head.

The groom’s band

Among the small number of guests at the ceremony included the actress’s playwright mother Sharman MacDonald, father Will Knightley and Keira’s brother Caleb, as well as James’ father Nicholas and his brother Bill.

The rocker’s bandmates were also among the 50 guests at the reception and provided the musical entertainment.

The couple got engaged in May 2012 after meeting through mutual pal Alexa Chung, but she is not believed to have been present at their wedding.

– OMG Yahoo!

Apr 16, 2013 • Category: Gossip, Other, Personal0 Comments

Hollywood star Channing Tatum to stay in Sienna Miller’s Cotswolds home

DO NOT be surprised if you catch Hollywood star Channing Tatum in the Cotswolds.

According to reports today (April 7th), the 32-year-old American film star has done a house swap with G.I. Joe co-star Sienna Miller, who has a house in the Cotswolds.

The actress will be staying at Tatum’s New York apartment with her fiancé Tom Sturridge.

Tatum, star of Magic Mike and The Vow, is spending time with pregnant actress wife Jenna Dewan, while he films Jupiter Ascending in London.

Designer Savannah Miller, Sienna’s sister, lives in Selsley, Stroud and spends two days a week working from home and the rest of the time with her design team in London.


Apr 16, 2013 • Category: Personal, Style0 Comments

Keira Knightley is timeless: Sienna Miller

Casanova star Sienna Miller thinks actress Keira Knightley is a timeless movie-star.

The 31-year-old actress, who starred alongside Knightley in 2008 film The Edge Of Love, said her close friend has a unique style and can pull of any outfit because of her classic appearance, reported Contactmusic.

“The first thing that springs to mind (when thinking about Keira) is the 1940s. I think of her as glamorous in that kind of timeless movie-star way, but she can be grungy in this very cool 90s way.

“You say this about people who have style, but it’s true – she genuinely doesn’t think about the way she looks or how she puts herself together. She could throw on a bin bag and look beautiful,” Miller said.

Knightley, 28, has been the face of numerous beauty and fashion campaigns and the brunette beauty enjoys exploring different looks to create distinctive feels for the brands.

“I like the fantasy of fashion, creating a different person and dressing up like her. Putting on a flowery dress when it’s raining brightens up the world,” she had said.

Jan 20, 2013 • Category: Gallery Updates, Personal, Style, The Girl, Videos0 Comments

I’ve now added lots more HQ photos of Sienna on the red carpet at last week’s Golden Globe Awards! It seems she took her mum with her, which is really sweet, and they posed together on the red carpet. Further down this post are videos and articles from the event, including Sienna talking to E! at the Weinstein Company After Party, and a video of the Best Actress In A Mini-Series award presentation.

More pics from the red carpet plus the after party will be added in the coming week. I will also add HD caps from the show soon.

The Golden Globe Awards x29 more

Dec 28, 2012 • Category: Gallery Updates, Personal, The Girl, Videos0 Comments

As posted about before, Sienna appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show Christmas Special last weekend, and I now have screencaptures and videos from it for you! Sienna looked fabulous in a Peter Pilotto dress, and in the interview she talked about where she would be spending Christmas, her worst Christmas gift, and The Girl. It was a nice interview, and Sienna was as sweet and classy as ever. She also helped out in Jamie Oliver’s cooking spots, making left-overs toasties with chilli salad, a semi-freddo, and a sidecar cocktail – these segments were very funny, and a must-see below!

I think I’ve managed to scrape together videos of the entire show. The first video below is the whole show in one video, although I don’t know if it will play for viewers outside the UK. If it doesn’t, the 6 videos below are the rest of the show split into parts. Hopefully you will be able to see one or the other of this batch of vids.

Over 300 screencaptures from the whole show can be found in the Gallery!

Sienna on her worst Christmas gift: “I was thrilled to open up this gorgeous underwear, because girls love getting nice underwear. Then I held the knickers up and realised they were crotchless. She didn’t realise and she was horrified. There was this moment of kind of ‘thank you so much’. And then I got pregnant, so there we go.”

Dec 28, 2012 • Category: Personal1 Comment

It’s 28/12 which means Happy Birthday Sienna Miller! We’d like to send her big birthday wishes, and hope she spends a special day being spoiled by her loved ones.

It’s been a fantastic year for Sienna both personally and professionally, with the birth of her daughter, and the success of The Girl and her Golden Globe nomination for it. The year ahead will hopefully be just as positive, starting off with the Golden Globe Awards themselves in the middle of January, and then hopefully the release of several films throughout the year. We are continually intrigued to see what Sienna will do with her career next, and wish her the absolute best in every part of her life.

Feel free to leave your birthday wishes for Sienna by posting a comment below.

Check back later for at least one gallery/site update to mark Sienna’s big day :)

Dec 16, 2012 • Category: Gallery Updates, Personal, The Girl0 Comments

When Sienna Miller met Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren endured Alfred Hitchcock’s claustrophobic attention for years, while Sienna Miller – who plays her in a new film – has her own experiences of being hounded. Here, they talk to Tim Adams about the dark side of being a star

Last week Sienna Miller was starting to think about her first Christmas as a mother. Her voice was freighted with all the emotional weariness of a woman who knows the particular joys of surviving for too long on only an hour or two’s unbroken sleep. Her daughter Marlowe, now four months old, was on her lap. A good deal had happened since I interviewed her in the summer about her forthcoming TV movie The Girl, in the company of “the girl” in question, Tippi Hedren, the actor, who was muse and obsession to Alfred Hitchcock in the 1960s.

As well as becoming a mother, and travelling to the States for the American launch of The Girl with Hedren – with whom she seemed to have struck up an uncommon bond, based on a kind of glamorous sisterly solidarity across the decades – she has been working. Until recently she was on a film in Pittsburgh with Bennett Miller, director of Capote and Moneyball. “Though I know I had promised myself not to work so soon after the birth,” she says, “it was too good an opportunity to turn down.” As a result Marlowe “has been on about 15 planes already”, along with her frayed-nerved mother and her father, actor Tom Sturridge.

Miller had also been getting her head around the substance of the Leveson report. This time last year she had been one of the starriest witnesses to the inquiry, describing in detail her harassment by the paparazzi – “like living in some sort of video game where they pre-empted my every move” – as well as the hacking of her phone, for which she had received £100,000 in damages from News International. I wondered what she had made of the outcome.

Dec 13, 2012 • Category: Career, Personal, Site Updates, The Girl0 Comments

Q&A: Sienna Miller

‘My most embarrassing moment? Coughing up a greeny on to the script in front of me while doing an audition with bronchitis’

Sienna Miller, 30, was born in New York and educated in England. Having studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, she made her film debut in 2004 in Matthew Vaughn’s Layer Cake. Her other movies include Alfie, Casanova, Factory Girl, Interview and GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. In 2005, she made her West End debut in As You Like It at the Young Vic. She performed on Broadway in After Miss Julie and appeared in Terence Rattigan’s Flare Path in London last year. She plays Alfred Hitchcock’s muse Tippi Hedren in The Girl, which airs on BBC2 this month. In July, she had a daughter, Marlowe, with her partner, the actor Tom Sturridge.

When were you happiest?
7 July 2012.

What is your greatest fear?
Losing someone I love.

What is your earliest memory?
My dad’s shoes: funny blue 1980s trainers with an N on the side.

Which living person do you most admire and why?
Liu Xiaobo, for his dignity and wisdom. If we could all have a dose of that perspective, the world would be a better place.

Nov 7, 2012 • Category: Other, Personal0 Comments

Mere weeks before giving birth to baby Marlowe, Sienna posed nude for British artist Jonathan Yeo. The result is a beautiful, golden painting of an all-natural Sienna.

Read about the painting and Yeo’s new exhibition below, and click the thumbnail preview to view the full painting at Yeo’s official website. If you browse through his Portraits pages there you will also find his previous painting of Sienna from 2010. I will add the paintings to our Gallery soon.

Nude Pregnant Sienna Miller Painting

A NUDE portrait of a pregnant Sienna Miller is to feature in the first major exhibition from British artist Jonathan Yeo. Entitled, (I’ve Got You) Under My Skin, the collection of works will go on display later this week in Berlin.

“This portrait of Sienna was painted a few weeks before the birth of her baby Marlowe and is part of a series of pictures of her which I plan to exhibit next year,” wrote Yeo in the catalogue which accompanies the show. “It is a tribute to her courage and self-confidence that she agreed to sit for this. I can think of many figures whose public currency in part revolves around their appearance who would prefer to hide themselves away for nine months.”

The painting of the Vogue cover girl will feature alongside a series of portraits and collages dedicated to the “contemporary obsession” with plastic surgery. Yeo spent the last 18 months observing the work of leading cosmetic surgeons in the UK and US for inspiration.

Oct 20, 2012 • Category: Personal, The Girl0 Comments

Sienna Miller | Interview

Miller is The Girl—and now her own woman.

For The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock found his girl, as he called his leading blonds, in Tippi Hedren, an unknown actress with a modeling background. In HBO’s new film The Girl, based on the biography Spellbound by Beauty, Hitch (Toby Jones) subjects Hedren to his menacing advances. HBO found its “girl” in Sienna Miller. A decade ago, the then-unknown actress with a modeling background became the subject of tabloid fodder. Speaking by phone, Miller, 30, had just flown from London to New York for the Hamptons film fest.

There’s a resonance between Tippi Hedren’s experiences and your own: She was an object of Hitchcock’s infatuation and harassment; you were stalked and chased by paparazzi.
I never thought about it in that sense. Maybe subconsciously the experience of harassment was helpful, but it’s nothing that I specifically drew on. I just religiously watched The Birds and Marnie and spoke to Tippi as often as I could.

Another parallel involves her naïveté and your own: You’ve said you were naive to think that, with this career, your life could stay the same.
Yeah, I was naive. Fame—which I hate talking about and I hate the word—nothing can prepare you for that, and in my own experience it happened overnight because of the relationship that I was in [with Jude Law]. Nobody knew who I was, and then I had photographers outside my house the following day. And I never had the opportunity to figure out who I wanted to be publicly. So, being 21, I just carried on being myself. I’m glad I didn’t compromise myself, but it fueled attention I really was rejecting. I just didn’t respond very well to it.