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May 12, 2013 • Category: Gallery Updates, Public Appearance, Style0 Comments

Earlier this week Sienna and Tom Sturridge attended the Costume Institute Gala in New York City. The theme of the night was PUNK: Chaos to Couture, and Sienna looked perfect in Burberry, choosing a white gown with a black studded jacket, and a studded headband – I really like this look on her! Check out the HQ photos from the night in our Gallery, thanks to our friend DeA:

Apr 16, 2013 • Category: Personal, Style0 Comments

Keira Knightley is timeless: Sienna Miller

Casanova star Sienna Miller thinks actress Keira Knightley is a timeless movie-star.

The 31-year-old actress, who starred alongside Knightley in 2008 film The Edge Of Love, said her close friend has a unique style and can pull of any outfit because of her classic appearance, reported Contactmusic.

“The first thing that springs to mind (when thinking about Keira) is the 1940s. I think of her as glamorous in that kind of timeless movie-star way, but she can be grungy in this very cool 90s way.

“You say this about people who have style, but it’s true – she genuinely doesn’t think about the way she looks or how she puts herself together. She could throw on a bin bag and look beautiful,” Miller said.

Knightley, 28, has been the face of numerous beauty and fashion campaigns and the brunette beauty enjoys exploring different looks to create distinctive feels for the brands.

“I like the fantasy of fashion, creating a different person and dressing up like her. Putting on a flowery dress when it’s raining brightens up the world,” she had said.

Jan 20, 2013 • Category: Gallery Updates, Personal, Style, The Girl, Videos0 Comments

I’ve now added lots more HQ photos of Sienna on the red carpet at last week’s Golden Globe Awards! It seems she took her mum with her, which is really sweet, and they posed together on the red carpet. Further down this post are videos and articles from the event, including Sienna talking to E! at the Weinstein Company After Party, and a video of the Best Actress In A Mini-Series award presentation.

More pics from the red carpet plus the after party will be added in the coming week. I will also add HD caps from the show soon.

The Golden Globe Awards x29 more

Nov 6, 2012 • Category: Style, Videos0 Comments

Matthew Williamson is celebrating his 15th anniversary in fashion at the moment, and our Sienna is involved! First off, he mentioned Sienna in an interview with Grazia:

1. Do you have a muse?
MW: No. I find working with one person in my mind a little limiting. I have many muses!

3. Of all the women who have worn your designs which were you more excited about?
MW: I’ve got to say someone other than Sienna haven’t I?! But really I do get excited every time I see someone wearing my clothes. Even if I see someone on the street I go ooooo! It’s not always about celebrity – I’ve been excited about everyone who looks good in my clothes from Beyoncé to a girl I once saw sat in Claridges wearing one of my jackets. Whenever I see someone wearing my clothes I always try and tell them they look lovely.

And Matthew has also created a short film to commemorate the anniversary, and Sienna is seen posing and modelling his clothes in it. Below is the behind the scenes of the shoot video, and then the film itself. Screencaptures will be added to our Gallery soon.

If you’ve seen any other mentions of Sienna in relation to Matthew Williamson’s 15th anniversary then please leave a comment!

“Matthew has an innate understanding of women, and you never have a better time than when wearing his clothes. It’s just full of this sense of fun that he radiates.” As Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevingne and Valentine Fillol-Cordier join Matthew to celebrate his 15th anniversary with the film ‘XV’, we go behind-the-scenes at Aynhoe Park as the day of filming unfolds.

The special short film stars Sienna, Poppy and Andrea Riseborough and is directed by Tell No One. The film features eight ballerinas from the Royal Ballet, choreographed by the acclaimed Wayne McGregor, founder of the Random Dance company. With original script by Mark Whelan, the collaborative film makers Luke White and Remi Weekes created the mini movie as a snapshot into the imagination of a 15-year-old Williamson, dreaming up his very own fashion fantasy with a very down-to-earth twist at the end.

The film will launch on Wednesday 31st October on net-a-porter.com and swarovski.tv.

May 22, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style0 Comments

Sienna Miller has been choosy about beauty products during her pregnancy because her sense of smell has become “very acute”.

The actress is expecting her first child with rumoured fiancé Tom Sturridge. The British beauty has been experimenting with new skincare items as she prepares for motherhood. However, she has to be careful about what she uses as she is more sensitive to certain scents than usual.

“I’ve been putting oil on my body for the first time and I’ve really noticed a difference. My current favourite is by Dr Hauschka; it smells amazing,” she told UK magazine InStyle.

“It’s funny, because my sense of smell has become very acute during pregnancy and I’m having to stick to certain products.”

The Layer Cake star also admits she likes to raid her sister Savannah’s stash of products. The 30-year-old was recently caught red-handed.

“I always nick beauty things off my sister,” she confessed.

“I actually just got back from her house in the country and she caught me trying to steal some of her products.”

May 17, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style0 Comments

Sienna tells Marie Claire UK about another hair disaster, as well as an eye lash debacle:

“I’ve had some real hair disasters. I once used henna to dye my hair brown for an audition, thinking I was being clever as it’s all natural. Little did I know it was the worst thing I could have done as it coats the follicles so that nothing else can penetrate so I ended up having to put ketchup in it for about a year to get rid of the green tinge.”

“I once made the mistake of going for a whole row of false eyelashes, which was just wrong as it gave me a sad, puppy-eyed look. But a couple of individual lashes in the middle of the lash line can look amazing and really open up your eyes.”

May 10, 2012 • Category: Other, Style0 Comments

– Props to Winona-Ryder.org for the heads-up on this article!

The actress Sienna Miller on the ups and downs of her hair.

When I was a teenager and watched Catherine McCormack in Braveheart I thought she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I was captivated by her undone, windswept Highland hair, but it was in stark contrast to my own, which went through several horrible stages.

First I experimented with rave colours, dying it pink, then pink with white streaks, then green. I even tried cornrows, which was not a good look on me, especially as I had braces at the same time.

Then, when I was 16, I took a picture of Winona Ryder into a branch of Toni & Guy in an effort to achieve her pixie cut. But when I walked out I looked as if I had a helmet on. My boyfriend at the time opened the door and closed it in my face. I don’t think I’ll be trying that again. Fortunately nowadays I go with whatever hairstyle is the lowest maintenance. I think I’ll be avoiding the cornrows, then.

Sienna Miller is the face of Boss Orange, which has been launched in a limited-edition version to support Unicef’s Schools for Africa initiative ( boss-fragrances.com ).


Apr 30, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style0 Comments

Sienna Miller is probably “quite scared” that her friend Poppy Delevingne lusts after her looks.

The pair are now pals, but before they struck up a friendship Poppy admired stunning Sienna from afar.

The actress is famed for her effortlessly gorgeous aesthetic – something which Poppy is still in awe of to this day.

“I remember when Sienna Miller’s first Vogue cover came out, just after she was in Alfie and before I knew her. She looked so dreamy in white and she had feathers in her hair and that whole boho thing going on,” Poppy told Vogue.co.uk.

“She was totally my heroine at the time, I just wanted to emulate her. And now of course we’re friends and I’m always telling her how I wanted to be just like her – she probably finds it quite scary.”

Poppy also spoke about her younger sister and fellow model Cara. The blonde star says her sibling was destined to end up in front of the camera.

“Cara was just the sweetest little thing, growing up. She had this gorgeous little face you just wanted to squidge, she was just so adorable,” she gushed. “She was one of those people that from the day she was born, you just knew she was going to be beautiful. The pictures of her as a child are brilliant.”

– Yahoo! OMG Philippines

Apr 12, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style, Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Sienna Speaks

SIENNA MILLER has revealed that her sister Savannah is already working hard on her new label – in Sienna’s attic.

“My sister is an amazing designer – she’s working on her new label at the moment.” Sienna told us. “In fact she’s designing in my attic as we speak. I just can’t wait to wear all of the pieces.” The sisters announced in February that they were stepping down from Twenty8Twelve, the label that they co-founded in 2007.

And as for the pregnant star’s own style, she’s happy to talk about her new penchant for tailoring – just don’t mention that “boho” phase, which sparked a million high street copycats.

“I hate the word boho so much now!” she laughed. “I suppose I am inherently bohemian in terms of the way I am as a person, and I definitely went through a hippie phase with my style. But I think it’s really more about the way my personality is, than the way I dress. Now that I’m a bit older I do appreciate tailoring much more than I used to, but my personality is still very laid-back. Even when I put on a power suit I still look like a hippie, so I suppose it’s true.”

Apr 12, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style0 Comments

Sienna’s Secrets

PREGNANCY skincare tips, her perfect red lipstick and that time she had cornrows in her hair – we talked to Sienna Miller about her relationship with beauty and the products and people that she calls upon when she wants to look her best.

How has pregnancy changed the way you approach beauty?

I think I’ve learned to take more time. I’ve slowed down – I think I needed to – and I feel much more feminine now so that has definitely had an effect on my beauty regime.

There are lots of new beauty products I’ve been using too. I love Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Body Oil – it’s really great for pregnancy. The Mama Mio products are brilliant too, as well as the Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous range. There’s so much out there.

What are your beauty tips or secrets?
I know everyone says it, but a good night’s sleep really does make such a difference. Also I do think it’s true that the happier you are, the better you look. Aside from that, SkinCeuticals is really great and Amorepacific ABC Serum.

For my face, I mix MAC Select SPF15 Foundation with an illuminator and I use a highlighter pen from Givenchy. Also from Givenchy I have its Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip and Cheek Balm which is great, and it comes out really pink so you can be quite sparing with it.

If I’m on holiday or want to brighten up then I use NARS The Multiple Bronzer in Palm Beach, it’s great for when you’re feeling a bit pale and English.

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