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Apr 12, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style, Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Sienna Speaks

SIENNA MILLER has revealed that her sister Savannah is already working hard on her new label – in Sienna’s attic.

“My sister is an amazing designer – she’s working on her new label at the moment.” Sienna told us. “In fact she’s designing in my attic as we speak. I just can’t wait to wear all of the pieces.” The sisters announced in February that they were stepping down from Twenty8Twelve, the label that they co-founded in 2007.

And as for the pregnant star’s own style, she’s happy to talk about her new penchant for tailoring – just don’t mention that “boho” phase, which sparked a million high street copycats.

“I hate the word boho so much now!” she laughed. “I suppose I am inherently bohemian in terms of the way I am as a person, and I definitely went through a hippie phase with my style. But I think it’s really more about the way my personality is, than the way I dress. Now that I’m a bit older I do appreciate tailoring much more than I used to, but my personality is still very laid-back. Even when I put on a power suit I still look like a hippie, so I suppose it’s true.”

Feb 23, 2012 • Category: Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

London Fashion Week is underway, and Twenty8Twelve’s new collection was previewed over the past weekend. Unfortunately neither Sienna nor Savannah were in attendance … I was hoping they would be, for the final time! I thought I’d post a couple of articles about the new collections launch though, as there are obviously mentions of the brand’s changes.

Check out T8T London’s newly redesigned website, too.

Twenty8Twelve Fall 2012: Keeping Calm and Carrying On, Miller-less

Twenty8Twelve’s head designer, Elsa Elphick, is probably absolutely sick of people asking her about Savannah and Sienna Miller leaving the brand. They held a presentation over the weekend to showcase the new collection and a fashion film called “Faceless Featured Future.” Faceless future, indeed–at least a famous faceless future. So let’s get that part out of the way first.

I asked Elphick what has changed since the Miller sisters left, and she told me, “For us it hasn’t massively changed.” Hmm. So how much involvement did they actually have? Elphick assured me that she worked very closely with Savannah, but that now she would be making design decisions rather than have them made for her. When I asked if the Millers leaving would hurt the image of the brand, a member of Twenty8Twelve’s team jumped in.

“I think we’ve been quite lucky because the brand’s been around long enough to establish what its personality is, and also to establish an appetite from consumers and buyers, and that’s probably the most important thing,” he said. “I think we can maintain that equilibrium as we move through this path.” He went on to say, “We’re excited because it frees us up to do more things from a business perspective, be it opening more stores, ad campaigns, digital marketing strategies. There are things we are doing now that will be different, and more bold in their statements.”

Feb 11, 2012 • Category: Personal, Style, Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

THE Miller sisters may have split as business partners, having both left Twenty8Twelve, but the move may not spell the end of their working relationship forever.

“[Working together] seems to be a natural thing for us and because we live together I am always asking Sienna’s opinion as a second pair of eyes and someone who has phenomenal style and fashion foresight,” Savannah Miller told us. “I’m sure even if we aren’t working together officially, we will be in some way or other.”

And the best part of working with her little sister?

“We could second guess each other and she is my best friend in the world, so it was heaven to have a great excuse to spend even more time together,” she said.

Despite claims that the pair left the label due to commitments to their children (Sienna’s family confirmed her pregnancy last week), the VOGUE.COM blogger and designer asserts that the decision came after the license has expired – sparking a desire for them both to “move on”.

“A few people have said that we left to concentrate on our babies, which isn’t true at all,” she said. “I have three babies and have always continued working alongside being a mum, which is hard but so rewarding. My work is such a big part of who I am and I think having something that is just mine makes me a better mother and wife.”

Although she doesn’t want to give too much away just yet, Miller has big fashion plans for the future.

“All will be revealed in the not too distant future, but I am super excited about it,” she told us. “I’ve got some amazing new business partners and I think the future is going to be a lot of fun.”


Jan 25, 2012 • Category: Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

This has come as quite a shock! What are your thoughts on this?

SIENNA and Savannah Miller are leaving Twenty8Twelve to focus on new ventures, after a six year stint as co-creative directors of the label. The line will continue under its existing design team.

“We felt it was time to move on,” Savannah Miller told us this morning. “We had an amazing six years and we wish the brand all the best for the future.”

The label’s London Fashion Week show will still take place on February 18 as planned, but from autumn/winter 2012-13 the brand will be renamed Twenty8Twelve London, rather than Twenty8Twelve by s.miller.

“We’ve had a great partnership with the Miller sisters,” said the brand’s managing director Nish Soneji. “From the beginning, our mission was to create a contemporary label with its own identity and strong directional design, as well as an emphasis on quality, cut and finishing. That vision, along with the uniquely British style the collection has become known for, will continue under the direction of the Twenty8Twelve design team. Sienna and Savannah will forever be a part of Twenty8Twelve’s history and we wish them all the best.”


“We have had a brilliant six years at Twenty8Twelve and are now looking forward to pastures new,” the siblings said in a statement. “We wish the brand the best of luck for the future.”

– eonline.com

I’m finally getting round to catching up on missing appearance photos from this year (sorry about my absence!), and to start with I’ve added over 100 HQ photos of Sienna and Savannah launching their (then) new Twenty8Twelve collection at Selfridges earlier this year. Sienna looks so pretty and her hair and make-up are perfect!

Photos are in the Gallery, and further down this post is an article and several videos from the event.

  Twenty8Twelve S/S 2011 Collection Launch at Selfridges x116


Sep 28, 2011 • Category: Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Savannah Miller of Twenty8Twelve Talks Fall Fashion & Dream Collaborations

While Twenty8Twelve might not be showing on the runway this fashion month, we’re sure to see looks from the British label’s latest collection on the streets. Co-creative directors (and sisters) Savannah and Sienna Miller have turned out another stellar season for their celebrated line, which is favored by a laundry list of celebrities, bloggers, and editors for its modern approach to retro fashion. To ring in the debut of the brand’s AW11 offerings, Savannah took some time out to give us the scoop on “The Burnettes and Burlinson” collection’s inspiration, her and her sister’s favorite pieces, and the two high-fashion designers with whom she’d love to design a capsule collection.

How was the label started? Were you and Sienna always into fashion?
From day one, Sienna was writing plays, and I was creating her costumes. She’s my other half, and creating a line seemed like the most logical next step to take. When we were approached by Spanish entrepreneur Carlos Ortega to turn that dream in to a reality, it felt like a logical and organic step to take. Twenty8Twelve was born, and the rest is history. Our emphasis is on quality, cut and finishing – beautifully finished denim, luxurious knitwear, perfectly cut dresses, casual pieces and coats. The vision and essence for the label lies in old time tailoring techniques. We create sophisticated garments with a vintage feel but contemporary vibe, with a strong directional design.

What inspired the AW11 collection?
This fall, we tried not to get to weighed down by theme. Instead, we tried to create the ultimate winter wardrobe – the perfect coat, the perfect trousers, the perfect dress, etc. We let our themes lead us for color. I stumbled across an old Italia Vogue shoot that was done at our boarding school, Heathfield. The girls had been styled as boys in a ‘90s rockabilly tribute. It was beautiful and very inspiring. I remember the casting director wandering around the school, picking the strangest looking girls and all the pretty girls complaining because they wanted to be in the photo shoot. We all thought the hair and make up and styling was really weird, but looking back on it now I see how directional and visionary they were. These pictures totally led our delivery. We paid tribute to the restraint of school uniform and the magic of rebellious schoolgirls somehow managing to break the confines and make it their own.

May 15, 2011 • Category: Alert, Career, Stage, Style, Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Miller sisters couldn’t be closer

SIENNA Miller is bouncing off the walls with excitement. The reviews are out for Flare Path, her new play on London’s West End.

And for perhaps the first time in her career, the 29-year-old has been given rave write-ups across the board in what critics universally consider to be a five-star production.

“It’s a wonderful feeling – and a new one for me – to be in something that’s well-reviewed,” she says, her blue eyes welling up.

Her family was there in force last night. “The theatre was full of people whooping and cheering,” says the actor’s older sister, Savannah, 32. “It’s nice that the world is finally seeing my sister the way I do.”

The Millers don’t normally read Sienna’s press if they can avoid it (“We have a ‘no Google’ policy,” explains Sienna), but today they’ve made an exception. This morning, her publicist called with the good news and was permitted to read her a few lines. “I’d said to everyone, ‘I don’t want to know.’ I wasn’t expecting great reviews.” says Sienna.

“I just don’t read things. If you believe the good, you have to believe the bad, and I’d rather not give any belief to anything.”

Mar 31, 2011 • Category: Twenty8Twelve, Videos0 Comments

A video of the new Twenty8Twelve Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook has now been posted at Twenty8Twelve.com:

Mar 27, 2011 • Category: Twenty8Twelve, Videos0 Comments

“Really elegant and classy – the perfect winter wardrobe,” says Sienna Miller about the autumn/winter 2011-12 collection from Twenty8Twelve. Watch Sienna and her sister Savannah as they pick out their favourite pieces from the new range, and talk through the challenges of staying true to their design aesthetic.

Mar 10, 2011 • Category: Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Twenty8Twelve.com have posted their full Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook on their site now, and there are more super-pretty photos of Sienna modelling the clothes! Have a peek at them HERE. I’ll add the photos into our Gallery this weekend.

What are your thoughts on this collection?

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