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Sienna Miller Online is dedicated to supporting the career of the BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated British actress, model and fashion designer Sienna Miller. Stay up-to-date with the latest news here, plus find extensive information on her career, a large photo gallery, and many fan features.
Apr 21, 2005 • Category: Awards & Nominations, Other0 Comments

The results of FHM’s 100 sexiest women are out and Sienna came 59th. Congrats to her, I personally think she should of been higher. The winner was Kelly Brook!

Apr 19, 2005 • Category: Site Updates0 Comments

I’ve just added a fantastic photoshoot Sienna did in 2001, the pictures are really funny, and I absolutely love them! You should definitely check them out. I also have hundreds more pictures to add to the gallery! I will be adding them over the next couple of days. I’ve also just added all the fanzone submissions and we have some fantastic new affiliates too! =)

Apr 19, 2005 • Category: Gossip0 Comments

Cold Mountain star Jude Law and fiancee Sienna Miller are planning a permanent move to New York, to escape the “goldfish bowl” of London life. The couple have been dogged by rumours they’re on the verge of splitting following Miller’s all-night partying in the capital while Law was filming in the US. But Law, who met ex-model Miller in 2003 while filming the Alfie remake in New York, believes a return to the city where they fell in love would put an end to their paparazzi problems, according to Closer magazine. A family friend says, “Jude loathes the London Party scene and can’t wait to move out of the goldfish bowl environment. “He also wants to put as much distance between his career and the paparazzi as possible. He’s convinced a move makes sense from a career perspective too.”

Apr 18, 2005 • Category: Gossip0 Comments

Recent speculation that Jude Law and Sienna Miller were on the verge of breaking up has been firmly quashed. Onlookers were left in little doubt the A-list couple are still very much together when they were spotted at London’s Heathrow Airport on Sunday.

Jude, who’s been away filming in the United States for the last few weeks, had his arm wrapped warmly around his fiancée’s shoulder as they walked through the car park.

The pair can look forward to a busy time together now as they set up their new home. Just last week a seven-ton removal truck transported their belongings from Jude’s £3-million home in Primrose Hill, where they had been staying, to a new property in Maida Vale.

It is rumoured that Jude has agreed to let estranged wife Sadie Frost take possession of the house they once shared, although a spokesman for the designer said no decision has been made just yet. “No final deal has been made and it’s not imminent,” he said. “All I know is he’s moved out of the house, but Sadie is definitely going to stay put where she is in Belsize Park.”

Apr 15, 2005 • Category: Gossip0 Comments

Golden couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller are rumoured to have tied the knot in a secret ceremony. Miller has apparently been spotted around town with a gold ban on her left hand. The pair are getting ready to move into their new £3 million love-nest in London. Law has now sold the home he shared with his ex-wife Sadie Frost. The marriage rumours surfaced just weeks after reports that Law and Miller had fallen out.

Apr 11, 2005 • Category: Site Updates0 Comments

Sorry I haven’t updated for ages. To be honest, it’s because I’m sick of everything we add being stolen and posted on a certain other site the next day. Anyway, I have loads to add and will get round to working on that asap. Today though I’ve added a bunch of new media – AIM Icons, MSN Icons, signatures, fansigns and Alfie wallpapers. I will also add new affiliates tonight. Look out for more soon =) OH, and Sienna is on the cover of UK magazine’s ‘More’ and ‘New Woman’ this month – pick up a copy if you can!

Apr 8, 2005 • Category: Gossip0 Comments

The following article is from Anorak.co.uk

While Prince Charles only has eyes for his Camilla, the rest of us are invited to ogle Sienna Miller. Miller is one of those people for whom fame has come easy. Nice looking without being ravishing, talented without being gifted, Miller is an accessible star for our age. And there she is today in what the Mirror is calling the “Riddle of bare-legged star”. “Now you see them…now you don’t,” says the paper at it notes that on a night out in London, the 23-year-old actress was wearing some tights. There are the black tights, hanging out from the hem of her red dress. But when we next see Sienna, the tights are gone. And in the best traditions of investigative journalism, the Mirror wants to know why when Miller emerged from the Nobu restaurant her legs were bare. The tights had vanished!” This is clearly a mystery that goes deep to the very core of what Miller is. If we can solve it we might just gain an insight into why she and not one of the other hundreds of attractive, blonde actresses that live in this fair land made it. But while we scratch out heads, the Mirror keeps staring at Sienna’s legs, and notes that after going to a club, the tights were back on. And the too Sun is flabbergasted. In “SIEN MY TIGHTS TRICK?”, the paper notices this amazing chain of events. “What did she do with ‘em?” it asks. Helpfully, the paper has some suggestions: she may have removed them to bonk in a broom cupboard; given them to cab driver as an emergency fanbelt; laughed so hard she had a “little accident”; or lent them to the eatery’s cooks to strain the rice with. It’s a riddle wrapped up in a mystery. And, most likely, wrapped up in Sienna’s bag…

Apr 7, 2005 • Category: Awards & Nominations, Style0 Comments

Sienna is nominated for Newcomer of the Year in the Glamour Awards. You can also vote for her as “Film Actress of the Year”. So, get voting!

Apr 5, 2005 • Category: Gossip0 Comments

Sienna Miller has furiously hit out at reports her romance with fiance Jude Law is in trouble, insisting their feelings are stronger than ever. Law proposed to his Alfie co-star on Christmas day but sparked rumours their relationship was deteriorating by delaying the wedding until next year and spending weeks away from the 23-year-old beauty shooting his latest movie All The King’s Men. But Miller insists they had always intended a lengthy engagement, and that Law’s filming schedule has been exaggerated by the press, because they have spent three months together this year in New Orleans, Louisiana. She says, “We are happily engaged. It was never our intention to get married immediately and , contrary to allegations that we spent weeks apart, I’ve spent three months of this year with Jude in New Orleans.” A close friend adds, “As with all relationships, they have their ups and downs. But Sienna’s finding the constant rumours about their relationship very hard to deal with.” Law’s divorce to first wife Sadie Frost – mother of his three children – is yet to be finalised.

Apr 4, 2005 • Category: Gossip0 Comments

Impending nuptials between Jude Law and Sienna Miller are reportedly on hold as the stellar couple ride out a rough patch in their relationship.

The hot duo are putting wedding plans on the backburner as Sienna questions whether the couple really has a future, reports British tabloid The Sun.

The news follows reports last month heartthrob Law had accepted a film role in London so he could keep an eye on his fun-loving flame. Sienna’s partying ways caused friction between the couple while Jude was in America filming All the King’s Men, according to entertainment news site MRIB.

Jude, 32, popped the question to his 23-year-old love on Christmas day after romance blossomed on the set of the movie remake of the ’60s cult movie, Alfie, in 2003. The pair denied reports of trouble last month when stylish Sienna was spotted looking glum and without her engagement ring while walking in London. But according to her representatives a loose diamond was behind the rock’s noticeable absence.

Jude has three children with ex-wife, fashion designer Sadie Frost, who divorced him in 2003. After an acrimonious split, the couple have become good friends and are preparing to take their kids, Rafferty, eight, Iris, three, and Rudy, two, on a family holiday, reports the Sunday Mirror.