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Aug 24, 2011 • Category: Films, Just Like A Woman0 Comments

French-Algerian filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb has lined up a trio of English-language films with Arabic sensibilities, including pics toplined by Forest Whitaker and Sienna Miller.

Bouchareb, whose “Outside the Law” was nominated for the foreign-language Oscar last year, will produce the three films with partner Jean Brehat through their American company Taghit, which was formed in 1999.

First pic will be the American production “Just Like a Woman,” which will star Miller and Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (“Body of Lies”) as two women from different backgrounds who embark on a journey of self-discovery after escaping from broken marriages. Miller’s character pursues a passion for belly-dancing after catching her husband cheating, while Farahani plays an Arab immigrant to Chicago who works at a supermarket and is berated by her mother-in-law for not having produced any children.

Charles Cohen (“Frozen River”) is also producing “Woman.”

The second film will be “Belleville’s Cop,” which Bouchareb co-wrote with Larry Gross (“48 Hrs.”). Pic, which will begin filming in late summer 2012, is a fish-out-of-water comedy about a French-Arabic cop sent to work alongside a LAPD policewoman.

Whitaker is attached to star in the untitled third pic, which is set in Arizona along the Mexican border. He will play a Muslim parolee released from prison after a 10-year stint who takes up residence in a small city full of paranoia about outsiders. Story focuses on his relationship with his parole officer and the town’s sheriff, who’s convinced that terrorists are crossing the border along with illegal immigrants. Production is skedded for 2013.

Cinema Libre Studio will release Bouchareb’s “London River” later this year. Set in 2005 London, pic stars Brenda Blethyn and Sotigui Kouyate as strangers in search of their children, missing since the underground terrorist bombings.

– variety.com

And according to ScreenDaily.com, Just Like A Woman has started shooting:

Filming is underway on the first film Just Like A Woman starring Sienna Miller and Iranian actress Golshifteh as disillusioned wives who meet after fleeing their marriages.

Jul 29, 2011 • Category: Films, Rumoured Roles3 Comments

You may remember that earlier this year, Sienna was reported to have joined the all-star cast of New Year’s Eve. The first trailer for the film has recently been released and I can see no sign of Sienna, and she’s not credited with the main cast, which makes me think she is not in the movie after all … ? My guess is she may have been too busy with Flare Path rehearsals.

Jun 24, 2011 • Category: Other0 Comments

Artist Jonathan Yeo, who was recently commissioned to execute a portrait of Sir Michael Parkinson by the National Portrait Gallery in London, will soon be creating several others of actress and former model Sienna Miller. His new series will be presented in an exhibition.

Jonathan Yeo is famous for his portraits, as well as the pornographic elements in his work. The British artist was born in 1970 and has exhibited several times at the National Gallery. He has completed portraits of renowned figures, such as Tony Blair, Dennis Hopper and Prince Philip. Yeo has also tried his hand at collages and completed a portrait of George W. Bush from pieces of dirty magazines.

According to the Telegraph, the artist declared: “She [Sienna Miller] can look totally different on a different day. I’d quite like to do a portrait show of the same person done in different ways.”

One portrait of Sienna Miller has already been completed.

May 30, 2011 • Category: Rumoured Roles0 Comments

The big screen version of Elmore Leonard‘s “Freaky Deaky” has slowly been moving forward. The project first started picking up steam during TIFF last year when William H. Macy signed to the film. A number of names then followed, rumored to be circling the project (including Sam Rockwell and Hayden Christensen whose reps had told us there were not involved with the film) and earlier this year, we confirmed that Camilla Belle had become attached the project as well. But a new actress seems to have boarded the film.

Over at production company Arclight Films’ website, they now list Sienna Miller as part of the cast. Based on Leonard’s 1988 novel, the Detroit-based narrative features a twisty plot involving Woody and Robin (Macy and Miller) a bomb-making ex-couple with radical politics who reunite for a score worth millions, while a cop with bomb squad experience tries to take them down. And while the crime-and-police milieu is familiar ground for Leonard, the bomb-making plot adds a twist to the author’s usual terrain.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of Belle on the page for the film and inquiries to reps for both actresses were not returned as of press time, so for now, nothing is official. “Freaky Deaky” is listed in pre-production and Charles Matthau—son of Walter Matthau—is set to direct the film.

– blogs.indiewire.com

And you can view that Arclight Films’ website at arclightfilms.com and find their page for Freaky Deaky here. Below is the official synopsis for the film:

Former radical ROBIN (Sienna Miller) has had it trying to make it as a romance novelist and tracks down her old partner in crime, movie special effects man SKIP for one last score.

Their target: wealthy and alcoholic WOODY (William H Macy), who Robin blames for sending her to prison.

But Robin isn’t the only one after Woody. He’s recently made an enemy of CHRIS, a cop who was suspended for investigating Woody on a shaky “rape” charge. Woody’s nursemaid and former Black Panther DONNELL, who’s been trying to get into Woody’s will, also wants in on the action.

Bringing to life many of Elmore Leonard’s greatest characters and featuring all of his trademark menace, razor sharp dialogue and deadpan humor, FREAKY DEAKY is a funny, sexy and dangerous look at the dark side of the 1970’s that ends just like it begins – with a bang.

May 16, 2011 • Category: Charity Work0 Comments

British actress Martine McCutcheon is leading a campaign to crack down on child trafficking in the U.K.

The Love Actually star headed to Downing Street in London on Thursday to deliver a petition to British Prime Minister David Cameron calling for improved care and protection for trafficking victims.

The letter was signed by 735,899 people, including stars Ricky Gervais, Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Hurley. The document outlines plans for a guardianship system for young victims.

McCutcheon says, “Hundreds of vulnerable children are trafficked into the U.K. from over 52 countries. Even those who are identified are often left without proper care and support. I believe this is unacceptable.” »

May 15, 2011 • Category: Alert, Career, Stage, Style, Twenty8Twelve0 Comments

Miller sisters couldn’t be closer

SIENNA Miller is bouncing off the walls with excitement. The reviews are out for Flare Path, her new play on London’s West End.

And for perhaps the first time in her career, the 29-year-old has been given rave write-ups across the board in what critics universally consider to be a five-star production.

“It’s a wonderful feeling – and a new one for me – to be in something that’s well-reviewed,” she says, her blue eyes welling up.

Her family was there in force last night. “The theatre was full of people whooping and cheering,” says the actor’s older sister, Savannah, 32. “It’s nice that the world is finally seeing my sister the way I do.”

The Millers don’t normally read Sienna’s press if they can avoid it (“We have a ‘no Google’ policy,” explains Sienna), but today they’ve made an exception. This morning, her publicist called with the good news and was permitted to read her a few lines. “I’d said to everyone, ‘I don’t want to know.’ I wasn’t expecting great reviews.” says Sienna.

“I just don’t read things. If you believe the good, you have to believe the bad, and I’d rather not give any belief to anything.”

May 1, 2011 • Category: Gallery Updates, Site Updates0 Comments

We have new candids! Sienna was once again snapped leaving the theatre last night, and I’ve added photos to our Gallery. Sightings have been surprisingly low this week, and I do wonder if that’s because ALL attentions have been somewhere else in London this past week 😉

Since the last update a few days ago I’ve continued to work on our content, and have re-added the Astrology Reports, Handwriting, Mailbag, Contact Sienna and Name Analysis pages in the Sienna section.

April 30th, London x10

Apr 28, 2011 • Category: Career, Flare Path, Personal, Stage0 Comments

– From Broadway.com:

Sienna Miller on Broadway Critics, Jude Law and Her Triumphant Star Turn in London’s Flare Path

Sienna Miller is in high spirits as she arrives late one afternoon at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, her pooch Porgy happily in tow. (The newly groomed dog was sporting a green hair bow.) The 29-year-old actress is starring in arguably the single best-reviewed West End play of the year so far, Flare Path, Terence Rattigan’s 1942 drama set in a regional English hotel near a Royal Air Force base during World War II; Sheridan Smith (Legally Blonde) and James Purefoy (Rome) co-star. In Miller’s third professional stage venture to date (she made her Broadway debut in After Miss Julie in the fall of 2009) director Trevor Nunn’s revival confirms the actress as a genuine talent in her own right, not just the consort of various famous men, former fiancé Jude Law included. In a wide-ranging conversation, at once friendly and exuberant, Miller talked about life, art, the paparazzi and a whole lot more.

It’s wonderful to find you on the West End and in such a top-drawer production. How did this come about?
Trevor [Nunn] sent me the script. I read it and thought, on paper it’s a perfectly made play, but I just didn’t get it. Then Trevor and I went out for coffee and he said, “No, it’s Chekhov, actually; you have to look more deeply”—meaning that there are characters in the play who you know immediately, and they’re lovable and brave and fully formed, and then there are characters like mine [London actress Patricia Graham] who begin as something and end as something else. That transformation involves winning the audience round. Patricia isn’t as overtly lovable as a lot of the others, and one of my flaws is that I struggle with not being liked!

You and James Purefoy both play actors, in his case a Brit who has made it in Hollywood and returned home to rekindle a love affair with you. Does that make it easier to perform?
Not at all—well, perhaps James thinks so, but I don’t. I know tons of actors and I have no idea what they’re about, and vice-versa. I think that’s true of any profession. What is true is you understand the camaraderie between Patricia and Peter and their history and their sense of fun, and she doesn’t have that with Teddy [her bomber pilot husband of a year]. I think the tragedy for Patricia is that she is torn between two men and both are flawed. In the end, she chooses the greater good, which I think she will make work. Sometimes you have to do the right thing—and that’s a situation that does resonate with certain women.

Apr 28, 2011 • Category: Gallery Updates, Site Updates0 Comments

Photos from the last few candid sightings of Si leaving the theatre have been added to the Gallery, including the set from last night. We also have scans from a recent issue of Polish magazine Hot, thanks to Agata.

Content-wise, I’ve re-added the Factfile and Style Rules pages in the Sienna section.

EDIT: The Factfile, Astrology and Handwriting pages are now up too!

April 22nd, London x6
April 26th, London x93
April 27th, London x20

Hot (Poland) – March 2011 x4

Apr 25, 2011 • Category: Site Updates0 Comments

Before I started having computer problems a few weeks ago, I was in the middle of working hard on re-vamping our Media section, and today I have completed that! As part of our on-going site re-vamp I have converted the pages over to a new format (which doesn’t make much difference for you, but is easier for me to update), tidied up each of the pages, added new pages, and updated existing pages where possible.

There isn’t much new stuff, mostly because my graphic skills are very limited 😉 I have added a new page for Twitter backgrounds though, I’ve made lots of cute new Desktop Icons and some new Fan Signs. I’ve also added official movie Screensavers and Wallpapers, from various official movie sites.

The biggest updates, however, are in the Icons section. I’ve re-organised the pages and arranged the icons into categories, as you will see. We have some fabulous new icons (mainly in the Photoshoots category) by Jen and Lucile, so a big thank you goes to them for contributing their work. Lucile has also contibuted a gorgeous Wallpaper.

As I said above, my graphic skills are limited, plus I know a lot of you out there have fantastic graphic skills, so if you’d like to see your media displayed here at Sienna Online then please get in touch! You can read my recent post about contributing media here, but all you really need to know is that you can email me anything you’ve made and would like to share because I would love to see it 😛

I will start working on the Sienna section next…

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